Which Flower are You ?

50 Years Life as Quantum-Art


Global Sowing Project of 99,999 Human Flowers to create together a beautiful world
In spring the artists sow 99.999 Spiritual Flowers as a wake-up call to the world,
a quantum leap to a more conscious, meaningful and empathetic society

'Fundamentally, mankind is a flower in the metaphysical garden of the world.'

50 Years  Life as Quantum-Art  *  Man a Flower

De Tempelhof opens its doors in june 2015 for the poetic world vision of the artist duo Huub & Adelheid Kortekaas, a holistic concept of buildings where garden, art, living, work and philosophy merge into one. De Tempelhof is a contemporary outdoor space - animated by the 'Dimension of Man'- a Total Work of Art located in the beautiful river countryside of Land van Maas & Waal. It is a unique reflection of the processes of change in the world, inspired by the fundamental process of becoming in life, translated into their universal images and concepts. A 50 year long quest for a new inspired symbiosis between nature and culture, between economics and spiritualism, between East and West, and between individual and society. A World Passport for Humanity!

Huub and Adelheid Kortekaas

Castle Doddendaal 1970, Ewijk



Manifest Life as Art 2005

Love for Life
became a journey of rediscovering
Divine Nature
within ourselves and around us

Nature manifested itself as a spiritual
source of inspiration. Spirituality
proved to be the breath of life itself

Love for life initiated a process of
growing consciousness that we want
to share with the world

In his deepest essence, man is like
a spiritual flower in the
Metaphysical Garden
of the world


Life as Work of Art is the visualisation of the interplay between the forces of two people, the journey of discovery of visual artists Huub and Adelheid Kortekaas. It is a travelogue of the process of bestowing meaning on their life and work, the depiction of the growth into a universal man and and world image, a poetic manifesto of the Changing Awareness.

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