50 Years Life as Quantum-Art

In 1965 Adelheid van Swelm and Huub Kortekaas met each other in the dream living life as a unique adventure, based on ancient life issues: Who am I? - Why am I here? - How do I shape this Life I live? The call it living form the heart, life as Art: Quantum Art

In their work the Plant is the metaphor for mankind: growing from darkness to light. 'Fundamentally, mankind is a flower in the metaphysical garden of the world.'

Since 1991 in their Quantum Art project 'The Unifying Spiritual Field of the World' the artists sow golden seedlings to special people that played an important role in Changing Awareness. Amongst others Mother Teresa, Sister Yajanti, Oprah Winfrey, the Dalai Lama, Michael Gorbatsov and Nelson Mandela already received a Seedling of Connection. 

Overview exhibition
During every weekend in June and the first two weekends of July you are welcom to visit De Tempelhof in Winssen between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM, to see the exhibition '50 years Life as a Work of Art'. Admission price € 5,00 pp - children 12 and under € 2,50 - students with annual pass: free.

See short film about De Tempelhof       The glossy magazine - Manifesto UTOPIA - Life As Art  

Which Flower Are You?

As from the end of May 2015 99.999 HumanFlowers will be sent over the world, by social media and mail, as a humorous call to the world to encourage us to find our connection to each other and to inspire each other to create a more beautiful and peaceful multicultural society. Download the flowers to give them away

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