Female Energy Event

We invite you all to help us to nominate an extraordinary girl or woman and to reach Oprah Winfrey as icons of the Female Energy and an ode to the unique power of Women?

The Dutch artistic duo Huub and Adelheid Kortekaas hope to dedicate the 6th Golden Plant of their Quantum-Art project The Unifying Spiritual Field of the World to Oprah Winfrey  as radiating icon of the universal Female Energy of millions strong unknown women in the world. With this Golden Plant, the artists honour the unique role women play in changing this world. Previous recipients of the Golden Plant include Michail Gorbatsjov, Nelson Mandela, the International Peace Conference on North and South Korea, the initiative Europolis, Armenia and to all Indigenous People, UNCED Rio-’92, Brasil.

video: Invitation to Oprah Winfrey for the 6th Golden Plant.  Oprah Female Energy

Golden Plant: symbol of desire

Reaching your unique potential source: it’s exactly what is expressed by the Golden Plant, a 2.20 meter high abstract Humankind-Plant: The Spiritual Dimension of Human being. It became their symbol for the desire of mankind to become who we really are, to grow from darkness into the light and to explore our existence. In this way, the Golden Plant is a universal symbol for a newly awakened spiritual view on mankind and the world. More and more it becomes clear that the processes and outcomes of the global change in consciousness and awareness are initiated by women.

Female Energy: the project
The project Female Energy consists of the Golden Plant as icon of the manifest Female Energy which you can read below. Also, the artists have sent out in Juli 2010, 33 golden Seedlings, miniature versions of the Golden Plant, to 33 extraordinary women who contribute to the Changing Awareness in this world: Amy Tan, Anne Hastings, Annine van der Meer, Brandon Bays, Caroline Cory, Christine Pannebakker, Ciska Dresselhuys, Danah Zohar, Esra’a Al Shafei, Eve Ensler, Fiona Montagu, Hoda Al Khamis-Kanoo, Inez van Oord, Irene van Lippe-Biesterfeld, Isabelle Allende, Karen Armstrong, Lulu Wang, Marianne Williamson, Nalini Nadkarni, Nancy Lublin, Narisscia Botha, Neelie Kroes, Ogega Moturi, Paola Antonelli, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Shirly Nicholson, Sima Samar, Somaly Mam, Wangari Maathai. The Golden Plant and the golden Seedlings are the key symbols of the art project The Unifying Spiritual Field of the World.

In this project a field is the image of the earth, in which every human being is part of the entire process of progress and evolution, inspired by the often deeply hidden desire to explore the germ of our existence, symbolized by plants. They made a total of 990 small gilded Seedlings and 1+9 gold plated Plants which they have been sowing (and still do) all over the earth since 1991, awarding them to people who specifically contribute to the Changing Awareness. The 6th sowing is dedicated to women in the project Female Energy.

In the more than 50 years artistic language of Huub and Adelheid Kortekaas the metaphysical and spiritual New Renaissance of mankind is among others being visualized in the Quantum-Art projectsThe Spiritual Garden, Anima Mundi and The Alphabet of Architecture and the images of angels, gates, plants, temples, graves, gardens, seats and their home in the Netherlands, de Tempelhof, the ultimate and integrated expression of this Quantum-Art.The artistic duo describes their art as Quantum-Art. This is the expression of the awareness that in the universe everything is interconnected and man is an inseparable part of it. It is the symbiosis between spirituality and economy, between culture and nature, eastern and western thinking, individuals and society, and ultimately the transformation from I to We.

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During the miracle of creation, male and female forces materialised – a truly evolutionary vision on the part of the ‘Creator’; after all, the field of tension between both forces has proved to be an inexhaustible source of creative power.

In ancient history, the Big Mother was the symbol of the sacred energy of mankind. In the course of history Woman as Goddess, as utter symbol of fertility and creative power, lost her matriarchal status to an ever increasing prominence of a patriarchal Male Image of God.

The world of art and religion offers a clear and fascinating image of this development in human thinking and action. Here we see that Woman is ‘revered and distinguished’ and put on a pedestal, but stripped of her identity and scope.

At the beginning of the previous century and later on in the 1960s and 1970s, Women’s Lib manifested itself ever clearer, especially in Europe. Woman wants to be liberated from patriarchal society, feel respected and seen as an independent and equal individual.

Viewed in the spirit of the age, Woman, by dint of her direct clarity, open-mindedness, compassion and original, creative approach to daily reality, is stepping out of obscurity and firmly finding her way in the present complex society. The arrival of the limitless Worldwide Web plays an important role in this.

We see that these signals spread across the world and realize that women increasingly have the nerve and the guts to break through existing social structures. They look for new ways to design their lives, fighting for a more humane, more harmonious society. Their decisiveness and resourcefulness increasingly substitute the prevailing and controlling patriarchal cultures.

Women are the key to opening the gates to a new society. If women across the world link up their specific female strength, they will be able to approach the disputes and longstanding feelings of hate in the world in their very own way and possibly eliminate or at least reduce them.

Evolution wise the future of the earth asks for a new global zest; the Quantum leap of the consciousness that all and everything is connected. Consciousness becomes a participating consciousness, a transition from individual to universal thinking, from I to we. A new space arises in which the female and male energies can inspire each other equally to grow to a new powerful and creative spiritual world order.

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The Golden Plant, this Man-Plant symbol of 2.20m in height symbolizes  the “Spiritual Dimension of Human Being”. It feels like a Quantum-leap in the field of forces of nature and culture.

The Golden Plant is intended as the global sign for universal spirituality, the ultimate sign of the awakening New Renaissance, in which the awareness of ‘The Spiritual Dimension of Human Being’ becomes the source of the modelling of one’s own, unique life.

This Golden Plant is the metaphor for the field of tension between heaven and earth, Man as form and movement, as interplay of matter and spirit, Human Being as Quantum-Art in the divine comedy of life itself. In this metaphysical field of influence Man attempts to become what he or she is in his or her deepest essence.

The Golden Plant is the icon of the potential energy that arises from our bodies. It is the image of the hidden power of each person in his longing to grow from darkness to light, a manifest universal symbol for a re-awakening spiritual image of man and the world, a gnostic sign of our alliance with the all-inspiring All.

The Golden Plant arises from the emptiness that comes into being when the 33rd word ‘Plant’ in the artproject The Metaphysical Garden is taken away;  the representation of the story of the Creation according to John, St. John 1:1  – 1:14

The birth of the Golden Plant is the inspiration for the worldwide Quantum-Artproject: The Unifying Spiritual Field of the World.
This World Acre of Peace grows from the awareness that every human being is a unique Seedling of Mother Earth on his way to a New Renaissance.

The first Golden Plant
The first Golden Plant Planted in Armenia on December 7th 1989 by the then president, Vladimir Markariants, as a sign of new life after the earthquake and as a commemoration of the birth of the initiative 
’Europolis’, a City of Peace.

The second Golden Plant
Sown on June 11th 1992 on the world’s ecology congress, UNCED Rio-’92, Brazil. It was received by Davi Yanomami and Marcos Terena, both Shaman of the Yanomami Indians, as a symbol of a worldwide respect to all Indigenous People.
The third Golden Plant
Handed over in May 1993, in The Hague (The Netherlands), to Michail Gorbatsjov, chairman of the ‘International Green Cross’.
The fourth Golden Plant
Handed over in Novembre 2011 to honour Mister Nelson Mandela for his persistent struggle against apartheid in South Africa, his warm-hearted thorough commitment for world peace and his call for democracy, compassion and fraternization. Nelson Mandela

The fifth Golden Plant
Handed over in August 1997  in the Hague at the International Peace Conference on North- and South Korea for the peace initiative North- and South Korea. 

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The sixth Golden Plant
This Golden Plant is an ode to the Female Energy of millions of unknown strong Women who commit themselves to improving their daily reality.

In this landscape, the Female Energy shows itself as an increasingly manifest phenomenon. video: Invitation to Oprah Winfrey for the 6th Golden Plant.  Oprah Female Energy

Life as a unique challenge of creation, life as a work of art, life as Quantum-Art.
The human being as a spiritual flower on his way to a ‘New Renaissance’

De Tempelhof, Winssen The Netherlands